Adobe Creative Cloud Has a Mac Bug

NicoleMotta - February 15, 2016 - 12:59 PM

Adobe Creative Cloud Has a Mac Bug

Last week, Adobe rolled out an update for its Creative Cloud Desktop app on Macs but the update had a bug.

First reported by Backblaze, an online data storage service, the Creative Cloud update was deleting users' files. "We've encountered an issue on the Mac where Adobe Creative Cloud (version appears to be removing the contents of the first hidden folder at the root of the drive, in alphabetic order," said the company in a blog post on the bug. "By happenstance, the first hidden folder on most Backblaze customer's internal drive is the .bzvol folder." This coincidence was what alerted Backblaze of the bug as it noted a rise in customer support tickets following Adobe's update. "We kept testing and realised that this was occurring upon 'sign-in' to Creative Cloud," said the company. Backblaze offered users a workaround and updated its folder name for the latest beta installer.

Following Backblaze's report, Adobe admitted fault for the buggy update. In its own statement on Friday, Adobe said, "Earlier today we were notified of an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application on Mac that we rolled out earlier in the week. In a small number of cases, the updater may incorrectly remove some files from the system root directory with user writeable permissions." The company removed the update from distribution and promised to release a new update that addresses the problem. The bug only affected users who updated to Adobe Creative Cloud version 3.5.206. The fixed update is available now; users should be prompted to automatically install it or can download and install it directly from the company's site.

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