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Samsung Leaks S7 in Launch Site

Samsung Leaks S7 in Launch Site
As rumors were flying about Samsung's upcoming flagships, the company's Indonesian site released a launch page.

Samsung Indonesia posted a teaser page and video for the upcoming devices, even confirming the names Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in posts since removed. The teaser website originally confirmed the S7 name with photo ads for the devices. One photo featured water droplets with the caption "worry-less discovery" suggesting water-resistance, while another focused on the camera saying "bring light to the night" which could mean improved low-light photography. "Samsung Galaxy S7: Get Ready for #TheNextGalaxy," read a since-deleted sentence on the site. After reports called Samsung out on its S7 leaks, the Indonesian launch site has been changed into a "What's next?" page and all "S7" mentions were removed.

While the launch site no longer gives specifics about the upcoming devices, it still has a new teaser trailer. The promo video shows off a device similar to last year's Galaxy S6 Edge with fast wireless charging capabilities, improved fitness tracking, a water-resistant display that can work in the rain, and some impressive photography. The video does not give this device a name, but it is believed to be the upcoming Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung is set to officially unveil its S7 line at its Unpacked event on Sunday, February 21, ahead of the Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. It is unclear if Samsung will announce a larger "+" version of the S7 at MWC, but the company is expected to unveil both the S7 and S7 Edge.

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