Tumblr, Others Face Ban in Indonesia

Tumblr, Others Face Ban in Indonesia
Less than a week after banning same-sex and trans emojis, the Indonesian government is taking aim at Tumblr.

"I have signed off the letter and sent it to the internet service provider. These websites should be blocked in the next two or three days," said Azhar Hasyim, e-business Director at the Communication and Information Ministry in Jakarta on Wednesday, according to Xinhua. The Tumblr ban is part of a massive order to block 477 websites, including the social network, over alleged "pornographic contents." Azhar explained that the government did not warn the owners of the websites, saying, "We must ban the site first, and tell them later." He added, "Once they have agreed to clean up their websites from pornographic content, then we will immediately reopen access."

The Indonesian government has blocked several sites over the past year over what it calls pornographic or violent content. Vimeo, Reddit, Imgur, WhatsApp, LINE, and Netflix have all been targeted by the government and Twitter has been asked to implement a filter for the site's Indonesian users. According to a 2015 report from Freedom House, a US-based independent watchdog organization that is "dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world," Indonesia's internet is considered "partly free" as the government has stepped in, blocking various sites. Companies that refuse to comply with the government's requests could be fined or forced out of the market. Tumblr has not commented on these reports at this time but as a platform, Tumblr does allow adult content.

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