Instagram Testing Overhauled Like Counts

NicoleMotta - February 19, 2016 - 12:12 PM

Instagram Testing Overhauled Like Counts

According to new reports, Instagram is testing a new feature that will change the way it shows "likes."

For Instagram users, surpassing 11 likes has been a sign of success but this may no longer hold as much sway with the social network's new change. Previously, the app showed the names of people who had liked a post, up to 11, then switching to the number of likes. Now, it seems, Instagram is moving entirely to numbers, like other social networks. It is unclear how long Instagram has been testing the feature, but users started responding to the changes over the last few days. It is also unclear if there is a new threshold as some users have reported that they are seeing names for the first three likes. Instagram has confirmed that it is testing this new setting but has not commented on the details or if it will roll out to more users.

The response to the change has been mixed, with some lauding the new feature while others are grieving the magic behind the number 11. "Now when I post a pic and get 5 likes I won't feel like a loser," tweeted one user. "Instagram finally changed it to where you see numbers and not names for likes, even if you have less than 11. PRAISES," tweeted another. Not all the responses were so positive. One dissident tweeted, "Is my phone malfunctioning or did Instagram update so that there are numbers instead of names before you reach 11 likes? I don't like this."

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