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OPPO Unveils Super VOOC Battery Tech

OPPO Unveils Super VOOC Battery Tech
At MWC in Barcelona on Tuesday, OPPO unveiled its new battery technology that promises rapid charging.

Dubbed "Super VOOC Flash Charge," this new battery technology can charge a 2,500 mAh battery equipped OPPO smartphone in 15 minutes. According to OPPO, its technology is different from Qualcomm and MTK's fast-charging technologies because it uses a low-voltage solution. There are three big differences between high-voltage and low-voltage fast-charging; low-voltage technology stays within standard voltage levels for smartphone charging, maintains a lower charging temperature, and "is perfect for using your phone while you charge." Trying to use your device while charging it with a high-voltage solution will force the charger to revert to standard charging speeds.

"Thanks to its many technical advantages, VOOC has remained the industry leader throughout the two years it has been available to the public. However, OPPO is not an enterprise contented with the status quo. We evolve, we move forward," said OPPO in a forum post on the new battery technology. "There have been two major improvements on the original VOOC technology. Firstly, Super VOOC Flash Charge uses an all-new low-voltage pulse-charge system. Secondly, it uses a customized battery. Combining them, a battery of 2500 mAh can be fully charged with Super VOOC Flash Charge in just 15 minutes." Super VOOC also supports both micro-USB and USB Type-C. OPPO looks to put this battery tech to use "in the near future" and said that this technology will be featured in its upcoming smartphone. The company did not disclose any details on the device

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