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WiFi Gets Boost with Eero's Home System

NicoleMotta - February 23, 2016 - 12:29 PM
WiFi Gets Boost with Eero's Home System
On Tuesday, Eero launched the world's first home WiFi system which forms a mesh network to boost WiFi signals.

After a year of funding and development, Eero has opened shop for its Apple TV-sized routers. "Instead of relying on a single router, multiple Eeros connect wirelessly to form a mesh network that blankets your home in fast, reliable WiFi [sic]. The Eero system is simple to set up and easy to manage using the Eero app," said Eero on the launch. "A single router can't provide solid coverage for the average home. You wouldn't ask a light bulb in your living room, no matter how powerful, to light your entire home." Like light waves, Eero explained, WiFi radio waves are hindered by walls; its solution: multiple access points rather than a single router. Most homes can be covered with three access points which is why Eero is selling a three-pack for $499 or users can purchase a single Eero for $199; both of these options are available via Amazon or from Eero's own store in the US. The Eero app is free and available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now. Pre-orders for the Eero have already shipped; users should expect an email with a FedEx tracking number soon.

"We keep adding more connected devices to our networks and streaming more content — WiFi [sic] has become a core utility for our homes. Yet, despite the broadband speeds into our homes getting faster and faster, we still don't have fast, reliable WiFi [sic] in every room," said Nick Weaver, Eero co-founder and CEO. "We started Eero to fix home WiFi [sic] once and for all. Eero is simple to set up, blankets our homes, and gets rid of dead zones and buffering forever."

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