Spotify is Switching from AWS to Google

NicoleMotta - February 24, 2016 - 10:46 AM

Spotify is Switching from AWS to Google

On Tuesday, Spotify announced that it is planning to make the switch from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud.

"As a company most often associated with amazing music recommendations and awesome parties (not to mention life-changing employee benefits), it's rare that we get to talk about the exciting world of technical infrastructure – the real power behind the music – but today is special," said Spotify's Vice President of Engineering and Infrastructure, Nicholas Harteau, in an official blog post. "Today we are announcing that we're working with the Google Cloud Platform team to provide platform infrastructure for Spotify, everywhere." Harteau called this change "a big deal" and said that Google's data platform and tools played a major part in influencing the switch. In its own blog post on the matter, Google's Cloud Platform Lead Sales Engineer Guillaume Leygues said, "What makes us most excited to work with Spotify is their company-wide focus on forward-looking user experiences. Now that they've begun using Google Cloud Platform, we can't wait to see what Spotify builds next."

In other news, a Spotify-powered iPod Shuffle-like device has made its debut on Kickstarter. "Mighty was born from personal frustration with the current on-the-go music experience. Today, every option to stream music while exercising requires a bulky, fragile smartphone. And phones are only getting larger, more fragile, more expensive, and more battery hungry," said Mighty Audio on its just-launched campaign. "Mighty is the first and only device that plays your Spotify music without being connected to a smartphone." The Mighty campaign has raised over $87,100 of its $250,000 goal and has 28 days remaining at the time of writing. Mighty Audio looks to start shipping the device in November 2016.

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