Zuckerberg Announces New FAIR Program

NicoleMotta - February 26, 2016 - 11:37 AM

Zuckerberg Announces New FAIR Program

This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new partnership program for its AI Research division.

"Today in Berlin, we launched the Facebook AI Research Partnership Program — a new effort to support artificial intelligence research at universities using state of the art computing hardware, software and expertise provided by Facebook," said Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post on the new initiative. "Our first collaboration through the FAIR Partnership Program is with Professor Klaus-Robert Müller at TU Berlin. His laboratory is using AI to analyze medical scans to extend our understanding of breast cancer." Facebook plans to donate 25 "state-of-the-art GPU-based servers" to various research institutions in the European Union, four of which will go to Professor Müller. "This partnership comes at exactly the right moment for AI research in Germany. It will help us as we study two very hard and computationally intense learning problems around image analysis of breast cancer and chemical modeling of molecules," said Dr Müller. "The new servers will help us speed up our research cycles and do better AI research much faster."

The FAIR initiative is not the only move Facebook is making in Germany. At the Q&A session on Friday, Zuckerberg said that more work needs to be done to monitor hate speech on the platform in Germany. "Hate speech has no place on Facebook," said Zuckerberg. "Until recently in Germany I don't think we were doing a good enough job, and I think we will keep needing to do a ... better job." Facebook in Germany now treats migrants as a "protected class" of people. Meanwhile, stateside, Zuckerberg has reprimanded Facebook employees for "crossing out 'black lives matter' and writing 'all lives matter'" on the company's famous signature wall.

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