iPhone SE, iPad Pro Coming Next Month

iPhone SE, iPad Pro Coming Next Month
According to new reports, Apple will finally announce its rumored 4-inch iPhone as well as a new iPad on March 21.

At the beginning of this month, reports emerged that Apple would hold its next event on March 15 but now, new reports say Apple fans will have to wait a bit longer. This new date – March 21 – was first reported by Korean website UnderKG and corroborated by BuzzFeed's John Paczkowski. Apple has not commented on these reports at this time and there is no word on why the event's timetable may have shifted. Other reports claim the event will happen during the week of the 21st, but not necessarily on that day.

Earlier reports say that Apple will unveil a new, smaller iPhone at the event alongside a smaller iPad Pro. The new iPhone was initially thought to be the iPhone 5 SE as it would be an enhanced and "special edition" iPhone 5s but now sources say Apple will drop the "5" and call the new device the "iPhone SE." If true, this will be the first iPhone upgrade without a number in its name and potentially remove it from a yearly upgrade cycle like its numbered siblings. The iPhone SE is expected to look identical to the iPhone 5s with curved edges and will feature an A9 processor, M9 chip, always-on "Hey Siri" support, an upgraded 8 megapixel camera, Live Photo support, and more. The rumored iPad Pro is expected to be launched alongside the iPhone SE and is said to feature a 9.7 inch display with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil support. Apple may also unveil new Apple Watch band options, but is not expected to launch a new wearable at this event.

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