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Meta Opens Pre-Orders for AR Headset

Meta Opens Pre-Orders for AR Headset
On Wednesday, augmented reality company Meta started taking pre-orders for its Meta 2 development kit.

"Today marks the day that Meta has started taking orders for the Meta 2 Development Kit, our second generation augmented reality (AR) product that is leap-frogging the competition and delivering an immersive AR experience unlike any other," said Meta in a blog post. Mega's first augmented reality headset originally launched on Kickstarter and has been working with developers and academics ever since. The new headset "enables hand interaction with digital content, a breakthrough in the field of AR, so people can touch, grab, and move digital objects intuitively, just as they do in the real world." The dev kit is available for pre-order for $949 and is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2016.

The Meta 2 Development Kit is different from other augmented reality headsets as it takes a neuroscience-based approach to computing. Meta CEO Meron Gribetz detailed the new dev kit in a TED Talk at TED 2016. In his talk, Gribetz said, "We are creating an experience that merges the art of user interface design with the science of the brain, creating 'natural machines' that feel like extensions of ourselves rather than the other way around. For example, our natural hand motion doesn't rely on clicks or buttons, thereby maintaining the flow and connecting people to each other and the moment." The headset features a large Field of View (the largest of any on the market), Direct Hand Interaction, and Intuitive Access to Digital Information, making the user the operating system.

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