Rocket League Announces Championship

Rocket League Announces Championship
On Wednesday, Rocket League announced that it is teaming up with Twitch for an official championship competition.

"We'd like to introduce the Rocket League Championship Series, the official competitive league for the Rocket League community!" said developer Psyonix in a blog post. "We've partnered exclusively with our friends at Twitch, the world's top social video platform and gaming community, to usher in a whole new era of Rocket League competition." Twitch's Director of eSports Operations said, "We'll be focusing on online play for the early stages of the competition (qualifiers and regional finals), with the capstone event being a live, international championship." Later this month, users will be able to register for the championship series in teams of three and the three-month season will start with open qualifiers. All matches will be played on either the PlayStation 4 console or on Windows PC, with additional support coming later. Rocket League is offering a total prize pool of $75,000 for the first season. Registration opens on March 25.

For those unaware of Rocket League, the game can be best described as "car soccer." In the game, teams of up to three players control their individual cars in an attempt to knock an oversized ball into the opposing team's net. Rocket boosters make the game particularly interesting, allowing users to drive up the walls, perform some crazy acrobatics, and zoom past the competition. The game recently launched for Xbox One, though these users will be left out of the Championship Series for now.

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