Google Reveals New Transparency Figures

NicoleMotta - March 7, 2016 - 12:43 PM

Google Reveals New Transparency Figures

Google has released its latest transparency report, and in it revealed some shocking copyright data.

According to Google's latest report, the company has seen 76,899,797 URLs requested to be removed from nearly 70,000 specified domains in the last month alone. In 2008, Google received just a few dozen takedown requests for the year but, with new technology allowing copyright holders to trawl hosting sites, search engines, and report anything close to infringement, this number has risen to around 2 million each day. This time last year, Google saw 8,307,590 requests in a week but this number has skyrocketed to a whopping 21,064,700 in one week, more than double the number of URL requests.

"We process more takedown notices, and faster, than any other search engine," said Google, in a submission to the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, a few months ago. "We receive notices for a tiny fraction of everything we host and index, which nonetheless amounts to millions of copyright removal requests per week that are processed, on average, in under six hours." Google rejects broader actions, like removing entire domain names, as it claims this would lead to censorship. But copyright holders argue that all infringing sites should be banned from Google's search index and want Google to promote legal services. If the number of notices continues to grow at its current pace, Google will have to process a billion links in 2016 alone, a figure that previously took over a decade to reach. Google believes that this increase in reported URLs is a sign that the DMCA takedown process is working, but others worry about what is lost in the crossfire.

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