Facebook Lite Reaches 100M Monthly Users

NicoleMotta - March 9, 2016 - 12:11 PM

Facebook Lite Reaches 100M Monthly Users

On Wednesday, Facebook revealed that its Facebook Lite app is its fastest-growing version of Facebook.

"We rolled out Facebook Lite, our version of Facebook for Android built for emerging markets, in June of 2015. Today we're excited to share that the app has hit 100 million monthly active users. It's the fastest-growing version of Facebook to reach 100 million users in under nine months," said Facebook's Gautam Roy in a post on the company's Code blog. The stripped down version of Facebook is available for Android users in over 150 countries and supports 56 languages but it has gained the most popularity in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Philippines. In the blog post, Facebook detailed how it shrunk Facebook Lite to its 1MB size to help other developers create apps for emerging markets.

In addition to announcing the 100 million milestone, Facebook Lite also received an update. The lightweight app offers a stripped-down version of Facebook designed to work on low-end phones running 2G-like speeds but has lacked some features. Now, Facebook is adding video support, pinch-to-zoom for photos, emoji, and multiple photo uploads. Messenger is still not incorporated with Facebook Lite, but users can download the messaging app separately. Facebook says that it is working on more video features, including allowing users to tap on a video and let it download in the background; a notification would alert users when the video is ready to view. This feature would help users watching videos on slower connections and is expected to be added in a future release.

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