DDoS Attacks Are On the Rise

DDoS Attacks Are On the Rise
According to new data from security researchers, the number of recorded DDoS attacks has almost doubled last year.

This week, internet security firm Verisign released its Distributed Denial of Service Trends Report for the fourth quarter of 2015. This report revealed that DDoS activity is the highest it's ever been and these attacks are becoming bigger and more sophisticated. "Every industry is at risk as DDoS attacks continue to increase in size, sophistication and frequency. The most notable observation last quarter is the increase in DDoS attack activity, which was at its highest since the inception of Verisign's DDoS Trends Report in Q1 2014," said Verisign in a blog post on the report. "Comparing year-over-year attack activity, Verisign mitigated 85 percent more attacks in Q4 2015 than in Q4 2014. Some customers were hit with persistent, repeated attacks over the quarter." The fourth quarter figures also show a 15 percent rise in attacks from the previous quarter of 2015.

While Verisign emphasized that "every industry is a target," the most targeted companies were those that provide IT, cloud, and software services. According to Verisign's figures, 32 percent of DDoS attacks were made against this sector, with media and entertainment providers coming in a close second with 30 percent of attacks. Financial, public sector, telecommunications, and e-commerce and online advertising followed with 15 percent, 10 percent, 8 percent, and 4 percent of attacks, respectively. While the telecommunications industry only accounted for 8 percent of attacks, the biggest DDoS attack in the quarter was against this sector. To prevent these kinds of attacks, Verisign urges companies to "consider augmenting your existing DNS capacity with a cloud-based hosted DNS or managed DNS service."

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