Samsung Unveils C-Lab Projects

NicoleMotta - March 15, 2016 - 12:51 PM

Samsung Unveils C-Lab Projects

In a blog post on Monday, Samsung unveiled three new secret C-Labs projects: Hum On!, Waffle, and Entrim 4D.

Samsung said that it plans to showcase these projects, developed by the company's innovation program, at this year's South by Southwest. "These projects include Hum On!, an app that transcribes hummed melodies into musical scores; Waffle, a social media platform that enables collaborative content creation; and Entrim 4D, a VR accessory that lets users feel the movements of the on-screen action," said Samsung. "As the projects are still in the development stage, they are being showcased to assess their market potential and to gather feedback from attendees at Austin's annual tech and music festival." All three projects will be available to check out at Stand 1710 in Exhibit Hall 2 of the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas through March 16.

Waffle and Hum On! are available in beta on Android devices, while Entrim 4D is a new prototype hardware. With Hum On!, users can record hummed melodies that are instantly transcribed into musical notation and can be played back with an R&B, classical, or rock arrangement style. "For hundreds of years, music has only been created by a select few, but that will no longer be the case," explained David Choi, Creative Leader of the project. "With Hum On!, we aim to provide a platform where anyone can turn their inspiration into great music." Waffle is a collaborative social media platform that allows users to add to existing related content, creating a waffle-like communal wall. The new hardware, Entrim 4D, is a headset that uses Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation to send electric messages to a nerve in the ear so users can feel like they are moving. Samsung hopes Entrim 4D will help reduce motion sickness with virtual reality.

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