Google Brings Smart Reply to Desktops

Google Brings Smart Reply to Desktops
On Tuesday, Google announced that it is bringing its convenient Smart Reply feature to Inbox on the web.

"Today, we're bringing Smart Reply to Inbox on the web. Just like in the Inbox mobile app, Smart Reply saves you precious time by suggesting up to three responses based on the emails you get. Selecting an option starts a reply, ready for you to either edit or send," explained Taylor Kourim, Software Engineer, in an official blog post on the Gmail blog. Smart Reply, which launched on the Inbox app back in November, uses machine learning to scan for emails that need responses and to create natural language responses. These generated responses are typically very short and Smart Reply learns from you: the responses you choose, or skip, will help improve future suggestions.

Last month, Google revealed that 10 percent of Inbox mobile replies use Smart Reply and now this feature is rolling out to Inbox users on the web. "[W]e're excited to bring this same convenience to the web. It's particularly helpful when you're jamming through lots of emails on your laptop," said Kourim, urging users to send feedback on this and other features via the "Help & Feedback" link in the app. Laptop and desktop users may not be constrained to the tiny keyboards of mobile devices, but the ease of Smart Reply's intelligent responses could help users keep track of all their incoming emails that need a quick response. Smart Reply is only available for English speaking users at this time.

Photo: © rvlsoft.