Oculus Rift Gets Launch Lineup

Oculus Rift Gets Launch Lineup
On Wednesday, Oculus announced that there will be 30 virtual reality games that will launch with the Oculus Rift.

The Rift's launch is just two weeks away and now customers who have pre-ordered the device know what they can play when the VR headset arrives. "We're excited to announce the 30 VR games launching with Rift on March 28! This incredible lineup represents years of work from a global community of developers who are pioneering the future of VR," said Oculus in a blog post on the upcoming games. "These games take you to the outer reaches of space, mysterious labyrinths of wonder, and fantastic worlds of adventure. And they're just the beginning." Games available at launch include Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Adventure Time, Chronos, Darknet, and Lucky's Tale. This year, Oculus says that "over a hundred more games" will launch for the headset. The Climb, Dragon Front, Edge of Nowhere, Eagle Flight, and Damaged Core are all set to launch this spring.

These games are sorted into three categories of comfortability: comfortable, moderate, and intense. The comfortable games are less likely to give players motion sickness while intense games might make some people not feel too well. AirMech, one of the games available at launch, is a real-time battler with a comfortable rating while Eve: Valkyrie is a space fighter that earns its intense rating with turns and flips that leave some wearers rather dizzy. The Oculus Rift is available for pre-order for $599, though pre-orders have sold out into summer delivery. Rift games range in price from $9.99 to $59.99.

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