Oombrella Brings IoT to Umbrellas

NicoleMotta - March 18, 2016 - 12:09 PM

Oombrella Brings IoT to Umbrellas

This week, Paris-based Wezzoo launched a Kickstarter campaign for a smart umbrella that can predict the weather.

Called the oombrella, this smart umbrella is packed with sensors that track users' activity as well as temperature, pressure, humidity, and light to help keep users ahead of the weather. "What makes oombrella unique is its notification services that alert you before it rains and if you leave your umbrella behind," explained Wezzoo. The oombrella sends these alerts to its smartphone app, available for iOS and Android devices. The oombrella even features an integrated buzzer and light inside the electronic capsule at the end of its handle which alerts users of incoming calls or notifications. Users can add a camera or GoPro to the tip of the oombrella, or anything that uses a screw thread, though Wezzoo cautions against attaching too large of an object. The oombrella is available in Shiny, White, and Black and comes in two sizes: "classic" and "fit-in-my-bag." All oombrellas offer the same services and feature Kevlar-made ribs to withstand high winds.

In addition to offering the oombrella, Wezzoo is offering the "capsule" on its own that turns any umbrella into a connected device. The capsule will perform all the same functions as the whole oombrella including weather and forget-me-not alerts. "The capsule is the brain of oombrella. This is where it feels, where it thinks and where it does the magic!" explained Wezzoo. At the time of writing the oombrella campaign has over 200 backers who have pledged more than $18,000 of the $65,549 goal. Pledging €29 to the campaign can get you a capsule while a €59 pledge will get you a first edition oombrella at a super early bird price. The super early bird offer is already in limited supply. Wezzoo looks to start shipping to early backers in October 2016.

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