VIZIO Adds Google Cast to 4K TVs

NicoleMotta - March 22, 2016 - 11:37 AM

VIZIO Adds Google Cast to 4K TVs

On Tuesday, Google announced that VIZIO's new SmartCast P-series display now supports Google Cast.

"Last year, we brought the magic of Google Cast, the technology behind Chromecast, to speakers, Android TVs, game consoles and set-up boxes. Today, we're excited to start casting to VIZIO's new SmartCast P-Series displays as well as to VIZIO soundbars and speakers," said Google Product Manager Adam Champy in an official blog post. The P-Series comes with Google Cast pre-installed, and supports casting Ultra HD, up to 4K, and Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range content. So that users can get the most out of this built-in casting technology, every P-Series comes with VIZIO’s 6-inch 1080p Android Tablet Remote. Users can also use their existing smartphones, tablets, and laptops using the Chrome browser with Google Cast on the P-Series. VIZIO's P-Series displays start at $999.99 for the 50-inch model and are rolling out to Best Buy stores across the US.

In addition to announcing the new built-in support for VIZIO's electronics, Google revealed that it is rebranding its Chromecast app. Google is changing the name of its Chromecast app to Google Cast, as the Google Cast technology is now available on more than just Google's Chromecast devices. "The Google Cast app makes it easy for you to discover great stuff to watch, find more apps, customize backdrop, and more," said Champy. "The updated Google Cast app will be rolling out this week on Android & iOS." Champy also revealed that Google Cast has a new website.

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