Google Unveils "Magical" VR Mode

Google Unveils
On Wednesday, Google introduced VR view, a new VR feature that makes it easy to embed immersive content.

"Travel apps may include turtle photos, but they're nothing like diving into the open ocean. Real estate websites may include descriptions of the dining room, but it's nothing like actually touring the home. For developers, having immersive elements in their apps and websites can be the difference between meh and magical," said Product Manager Nathan Martz in a post on the Google Developers Blog. With VR view, Google makes it easy to embed immersive content on Android, iOS, and the web using 360 VR images and videos. VR view takes normal content and transforms it into an interactive experience that users can enjoy via a Cardboard viewer or on their desktops. "For native apps, you can embed a VR view by grabbing the latest Cardboard SDK for Android or iOS and adding a few lines of code," explained Martz. "On the web, embedding a VR view is as simple as adding an iframe on your site."

While the new VR view feature was the emphasis of the announcement, Google also revealed some other big news: VR support for iOS. "Yes, you read that right!" said Martz in a footnote to the blog post. "Starting today, there'll be a native Cardboard SDK for iOS. Provided in idiomatic Objective C, and packaged as a single, easy-to-use CocoaPod, this new SDK includes all of the features already available in the Cardboard SDK for Android." The Cardboard SDK for iOS supports iOS 8 and higher.

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