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LG's New Wireless Charger Boasts Rapid Speeds

LG's New Wireless Charger Boasts Rapid Speeds
On Thursday, LG Innotek unveiled new wireless phone charging technology that rivals wired charging speeds.

LG Innotek, a global materials and components manufacturer, and subsidiary of LG Corp, announced that it has developed 15-watt transmission modules for wireless power chargers, and plans to start mass production within the year. "Wireless power chargers consist of transmitter and receiver. The transmitter supplies power to smartphone [sic] in the form of charger pad or holding platform. Embedded in smartphones, the receiver charges the battery by generating induced current, by responding to the transmitter part," explained LG Innotek in a press release. These modules have been developed to meet the performance equivalent of wired chargers, with the ability to charge a fully discharged battery up to 50% in 30 minutes. This new 15-watt transmission module can be used on wireless power chargers installed in vehicles, as well as wireless chargers used at home. The module is also compatible with the Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance's standards.

"The development of the 15-watt wireless charging module is a success achieved through our active response to the needs of the customers and changes in the market. We will con-tinue [sic] to provide convenient, safe, and pleasant user experiences by concentrating all [of] our resources on the creation of customer values," said Gil-Sang Park, head of LG Innotek's Automotive Components and Electronics laboratory. LG Innotek's modules for wireless charging were already supplied to the global automotive company last June, and LG has "secured quality at the level of automotive electronic parts" under an alliance with power chipset manufacturers.

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