Wordpress and Joomla Domains Hacked

NicoleMotta - April 4, 2016 - 11:56 AM

Wordpress and Joomla Domains Hacked

According to a new report, hackers are abusing the jQuery JavaScript library to inject malicious code into sites.

Cybersecurity firm Avast revealed the attack last week, claiming that the attackers are using a fake jQuery JavaScript library to inject malicious code into millions of Wordpress and Joomla websites. The aim of the popular jQuery library is to erase the differences between implementations of JavaScript in various browsers. Due to its popularity, hackers have created fake jQuery injections that they can use to infect websites. This attack, which injects fake jQuery script into the head section of CML websites powered by Wordpress and Joomla, has been going on for several months. According to Avast, the number of hacked domains in this attack is "abnormally high." Since November 2015, Avast has registered over 4.5 million users who have encountered the infections. Malicious code was found in nearly 70 million unique files on hacked sites. Avast urges users to scan their OS and websites for the infection, back up what they can, and update their installation. Wordpress has not yet commented on this report.

This is not the first Wordpress attack this year. In January, security firm Sucuri revealed another fake jQuery attack. In this attack, hackers used a fake jQuery Pastebin file to spread malware. They used Pastebin.com to host the malware. This type of attack has also been used on infected Magneto sites. In February, Wordpress was attacked again. Hackers injected encrypted code at the end of all legitimate .js files. The malware only affected first-time visitors.

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