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Amazon's Alexa Gets Lutron Support

NicoleMotta - April 7, 2016 - 12:04 PM
Amazon's Alexa Gets Lutron Support
On Thursday, Lutron announced that its Caséta wireless lighting systems are now compatible with Amazon's Alexa.

Starting today, Lutron Caséta owners will be able to communicate with their systems via Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Fire TV using Alexa's latest skill. While most smart home lighting systems focus on the bulb itself, Lutron has a different strategy. With the Caséta platform, Lutron makes the light switches smarter, rather than the bulbs. Caséta offers a variety of interchangeable dimmer switches that can be used as regular light switches on the wall or be controlled via the platform's companion smartphone app. Caséta kits start at $99, though you'll need an Alexa-enabled device to use these features. The Amazon Tap is available for $129, and the original Echo is priced at $179. Lutron also offers outlet-style remote-controlled sockets, which can be used to wirelessly turn on individual lamps. These sockets do not have Alexa support. Caséta systems also support other smart home systems, including Works with Nest and Apple HomeKit.

To use this new Alexa feature, Caséta owners must first pair their system with Amazon's platform via the Alexa companion app. Simply allow the app to scan for new devices by clicking "discover". After that, you will be able to control your lights via the Caséta system. For example, you can say, "Alexa, turn the hall lights on," or "Alexa, turn off all of the lights." Users can also create groups of lights with the Alexa app. Lutron revealed this new Alexa feature in a YouTube video.

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