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Edge Browser to Auto-Pause Flash Content

Edge Browser to Auto-Pause Flash Content
On Thursday, Microsoft announced that the next version of its Edge browser will intelligently pause Flash content.

With the upcoming Anniversary Update to Windows 10, the browser will be able to detect non-essential content and automatically pause it, significantly reducing power consumption, and improving performance. Flash content that is deemed crucial to the page —such as videos or games— will not be paused. Users can choose to play the paused content, but all non-essential Flash content will be paused by default. Other browsers, like Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari, already offer a similar feature. "We're aligned with other browsers in this transition from Flash towards [sic] a modern standards-based web," said John Hazen, Principal Program Manager Lead for Microsoft Edge, in a blog post. "We are planning for and look forward to a future where Flash is no longer necessary as a default experience in Microsoft Edge."

In addition to auto-pausing Flash content on Edge, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring biometric security via Windows Hello, Windows Ink, additional Cortana-enabled apps, and more. Windows Hello offers users a different way to log into their devices and apps, using "just a look or a touch." Users can choose from the face, fingerprint, or iris-scanning options, as long as their device has a fingerprint scanner or a camera that supports the feature. Another new feature, Windows Ink, allows users to "write" on their device as they normally would on paper. Windows Ink is integrated into various apps including Maps, Edge, and Office. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will roll out to all Windows 10 users for free this summer.

Photo: © Omihay – Shutterstock.com
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