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Chrome Gets "Save to Google" Extension

Chrome Gets
According to new reports, Google has quietly released a new official Chrome extension for its "Save" feature.

"Save to Google" first launched for images on Google Image Search on mobile, and now the feature is available as a Chrome extension for web content. Both the mobile image feature and the Chrome extension send saved content to google.com/save. "Easily save interesting webpages to Google with the new Save to Google extension," said Google in the extension's description. Once installed, the extension will appear as a new button in your Chrome toolbar, making it easy to save websites. The Save to Google extension looks like a little gold star, not to be confused with the Bookmark star in the omnibox. To save a page, simply click the Save to Google star and it will be saved in Google's cloud as a link for future use. This new Save to Google feature should not be confused with another, similarly named Google product: Save to Google Drive. Unlike Save to Google, the Drive version sends a copy of an entire website to Google Drive. The extension is free to download on the Chrome Web Store now.

Google attempted to overhaul the bookmark messenger in the past with Google Stars, but eventually pulled the card-based interface. "Our team is committed to improving Chrome's bookmarks experience, but for the time being, we’ve decided to bring back the previous version. Our team will continue to explore other ways to improve the bookmarks experience," said the Chrome team in a forum post last June. The card-based bookmarks manager is available as a separate extension: Bookmarks Manager.

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