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Facebook Considering Paying Some Users

Facebook Considering Paying Some Users
According to new reports, Facebook is exploring new ways for users to profit on the social network.

The Verge reported that Facebook had distributed a user survey earlier this week that mentioned several ways users could make money or promote a cause. Some of these ways include a tip jar, branded content, or taking a cut of the ad revenue Facebook earns from posts. The survey asked if users would be interested in a "call to action" button to let users make donations, as well as if they would be interested in a "sponsor marketplace" to match users with advertisers. The language of the survey implied that these options would be limited to verified users, but it is unclear if Facebook plans to make these options available to all users. The survey was spotted by The Verge's Casey Newton. Facebook may or may not choose to implement these monetization options or analytics for users; the company has not yet commented on these reports.

Currently, Facebook does not give individual users a way to earn money by posting on the social network. Publishers can sell advertising within Facebook's Instant Articles format, and the company recently clarified its rules for posts sponsored by brands on verified pages. In February, Facebook announced it would allow all publishers to use Instant Articles and, earlier this month, moved forward with opening up the program. In addition to this, Facebook is testing ads in the suggestions that pop up after you watch a video; Facebook is sharing this ad revenue with publishers.

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