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Facebook Pages Plagued by Auto-Like Bug

NicoleMotta - April 21, 2016 - 11:52 AM
Facebook Pages Plagued by Auto-Like Bug
According to new reports, a bug has started affecting Facebook Pages, causing them to auto-like their posts.

Seemingly overnight, many Facebook Pages started auto-liking their own posts. First reported on Wednesday, the bug had many admins thinking that someone on their staff was liking the posts by accident, but this was not the case. After numerous complaints on the matter had surfaced, it became clear that this was a bug affecting several Facebook Pages. The bug has affected several news pages, big name brands, and even small, personal businesses. The Next Web's Facebook page has been affected, as well as the Livestrong page. The bug also stops admins from unliking the posts. Facebook has confirmed that it is aware of the bug and is working to patch it.

In other Facebook page news, the social network made waves when it deleted popular celebrity gossip page The Shade Room. Facebook removed the page on Monday, saying that the publication violated its Community Standards. Reports on the matter suggest that this violation could include copyright infringement, such as posting photos without proper attribution. At the time of its removal, the page had 4.4 million followers. "Facebook is a huge driver of our internet traffic," said Angie Nwandu, The Shade Room's founder, in a statement to BuzzFeed News. "I'm doing everything in my power to get it back up." To get the page back up, Facebook said that The Shade Room could appeal the suspension. Instead, the publication has started a new Facebook page. It is unclear if Facebook will pull the new page.

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