Facebook Adds Hindi Transliteration

Facebook Adds Hindi Transliteration
Facebook has launched an instant translation feature for its second-largest user base: Android mobile users in India.

Read in Hindi

(CCM) — While using Facebook, Android mobile users in India will now be able to type in Hindi on their English keyboards, even if their devices do not support the language. This feature was introduced in response to a survey done by the social network, which found that users in India want to write and read in Hindi on Facebook. The translator allows users to type using English letters that are, then, automatically converted into written Hindi, or Devanagari. The new feature also includes the option for users to edit Facebook comments and statuses in Hindi.

After enabling the transliteration feature, a small keyboard icon appears, which users should click. Doing this allows them to, for example, type "kahaan" (the Hindi word for "where") on their English keyboard and have the auto-translator convert it to "कहां’". The feature remembers users' most-used words and phrases and will automatically suggest them while they type. If the suggestion is wrong, users have the option to correct it.

Photo: © CCM Hindi.