Google Ranked Best Cloud Service

Google Ranked Best Cloud Service
Google was chosen as the best cloud provider, beating out stiff competition.

(CCM) — French business news website JDN ranked Google as the best cloud service ahead of others, like Amazon and IBM. According to Business Insider UK, the site worked with CloudScreener and Cedexis, two companies which test cloud performance, to develop a comprehensive method for determining the best company for cloud computing. CloudScreener tested for performance, prices, and level of service, whereas Cedexis tested for network performance. Ultimately, the indexes that were considered in the overall ranking were price, performance, and service level (to measure reliability).

In JDN's comparative testing of Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace, Google won overall, with a final score of 85 out of 100. It was followed by Amazon and IBM in second and third place, respectively.

This victory for Google is largely thanks to its domination in the price index test, which considers three of the main types of services that companies buy: a large Windows machine, a large Linux machine, and a combination of machines, or a "cluster". Google ended up with the lowest prices of the bunch, giving it a big advantage in the overall ranking. These findings mean that Google may be a worthy competitor for Amazon, the current frontrunner in cloud service providing.

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