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Instagram Orders Name Change for LitterGram

Instagram Orders Name Change for LitterGram
Facebook-owned Instagram has asked the owner of a British litter-reporting app to change its name.

(CCM) — Dubbed "LitterGram," the app invites people to share pictures of local litter pileups and report incidents to their local council. LitterGram looks to help solve the growing litter crisis across the UK. "Litter in the UK has increased by 500% since the 1960s, and the UK is now one of the most littered countries in the world. We now have a litter crisis that costs us £1 [billion] per year," explained LitterGram on its FAQ page. "LitterGram not only enables positive action by getting litter off the streets and helping local councils apply their resources effectively, it helps drive change." The app is available on Android and iOS in the UK.

This week, LitterGram's founder Danny Lucas was hit with a "heavy handed letter" from Instagram that demanded he change the name of the app, as the current name was "not acceptable." The letter said that, while Instagram supports the social objectives behind the project, it utilizes and "relies on social media usage to achieve its aims." Instagram claimed that it could not allow the LitterGram's use "in relation to services which are core to [Instagram's] world-renowned activities in this area." LitterGram has three to six months to change its name or it will face legal action, but Lucas does not want to go down without a fight. He sent a video plea to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying that changing the name would "destroy all our ingenuity and hard work." LitterGram has also started a "#savelittergram" hashtag on social media in an attempt to shed light on the matter. Lucas says that he does not have the money to fight the issue in court, but hopes his pleas will strike a chord with Zuckerberg.

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