Google Trips App in Testing

Google Trips App in Testing
Google has a new, secret travel app in the works called Trips, and it is currently in testing with Local Guides.

(CCM) — According to Dutch site Android World, Google Trips will bring together every aspect of your travel plans and offer suggestions. The publication showed off some screenshots of the upcoming app, revealing that it will look through your Gmail account for travel-related information and let you plan and book your trips — all from your smartphone. In addition to grabbing your travel information from Gmail, Trips also allows users to create a manual itinerary. This itinerary includes reservations, as well as information on local places of interest, restaurants, and public transportation. The itinerary is also available offline, so users can take a look at it without WiFi. Google Trips is currently available to a limited number of Local Guides users, and it is unclear when this app might roll out to the public.

Last month, Google rolled out a similar travel service through its Destinations feature within Google Search. With Destinations, Google sought to provide all of the travel information that users might want in one place, with booking options bundled in. The service includes information on flights, hotels, peak tourist times, average temperatures and precipitation in the region, and even offers itinerary ideas. Google also offers other travel-related services, like Google Flights. Unlike Trips and Destinations, Flights does not allow users to book flights directly, but offers links to booking sites. Google may be planning to roll all of these travel-based services into one app with Trips. Google has not yet commented on these reports.

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