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Indonesia Eyes Agricultural E-commerce

NicoleMotta - April 29, 2016 - 12:15 PM
Indonesia Eyes Agricultural E-commerce
At the Indonesian E-commerce Summit this week, government officials spoke about the need for digital growth.

(CCM) — Indonesian President Joko Widodo and several of his ministers, including Tech Minister Rudiantara and Trade Minister Thomas Lembong, took the stage at the event to talk about the country's digital future. Widodo stressed the need to grow Indonesia's digital economy, and hopes that his programs will help bring innovation to industries that have largely been left out of today's digital metamorphosis, like agriculture and fishing. Earlier this month, Widodo announced the start of a government program to achieve this goal in Brebes, a small town in Java that is known for its spring onion production. "Advances in technology have to benefit the entire population, and the government has to push farmers and small businesses in Indonesia to 'go digital,'" explained Tech Minister Rudiantara at the Brebes project's launch.

At the Summit, Trade Minister Thomas Lembong told reporters that all ministries involved are committed to keeping this initiative going, and that they will continue to support agritech startups. Some of these startups include Petani, LimaKilo, and TaniHub. Petani is an Android app from Singapore-based 8Villages that develops information services for Southeast Asian farmers. LimaKilo and TaniHub look to cut out the middleman, connecting with consumers directly. Another app, Pantau Harga, lets producers and consumers check commodity prices in real time. These apps were all highlighted by the government in Brebes. Another agritech app that was not mentioned by the government is Sikumis (which means "the one with the moustache"). Sikumis is a marketplace for farmers and fishers that has been around since 2008. Agri and aqua farmers can buy tools, fertilizers, and other equipment at the marketplace, and farmers can sell their produce.

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