EyeEm Launches AI-Based iOS Photo App

EyeEm Launches AI-Based iOS Photo App
German startup EyeEm is bringing some Google Photos-like features to iOS devices with a new app.

(CCM) — On Thursday, EyeEm announced the launch of its new standalone iOS app that seeks to help organize, tag, and "help you find the best photos on your camera roll." Dubbed The Roll, the app analyzes your photos and groups them by topics, locations, and events, with the best photos from each category highlighted. The app also groups visually similar photos together by stacking them on top of each other, with the best picture, based on its aesthetic score, on top. In the detailed view of your photos, you can see this score, as well associated keywords and relevant camera information, like f-stop and ISO. "The Roll aims to replace your existing camera roll and eliminate endless scrolling," explained EyeEm co-founder and Product Lead Lorenz Aschoff. "It's as easy as one tap to quickly organize thousands of your images and find your best ones." The Roll is available for free on the App Store now, and an Android version is in the works.

EyeEm's app is powered by the company's proprietary AI technology, EyeEm Vision. This AI "combines the artistic principles in photography with deep learning technology" and applies the choices of professional curators to even the most amateur photographer's photos. EyeEm acknowledges that this is a subjective evaluation, but this technology can help you "quickly identify the best photos on your phone." EyeEm Vision has been trained using millions of photos, recognizes thousands of concepts, and continuously adds keywords to your photos based on what they contain. Because EyeEm Vision is AI-based, it continues to learn and grow every time it is used.

Photo: © iStock.