Evernote Adds Google Drive Support

NicoleMotta - May 13, 2016 - 12:02 PM

Evernote Adds Google Drive Support

Evernote and Google are teaming up to make capturing your ideas a breeze with Drive integration.

(CCM) — Google and Evernote announced that, starting Thursday, users will be able to access their Google Drive files directly in Evernote on Android and the web via the Chrome browser. For this integration, Evernote has added a Google Drive icon to its toolbar, allowing you to access and search for your files from the Evernote app. Any changes to files in Drive will automatically sync with your Evernote notes, as long as you are not in offline mode. "Making Drive content available in Evernote was very natural for us," said Alex Vogenthaler, Group Product Manager for Google Drive. "Evernote is a great productivity tool and we want anyone using Drive to have access to their content whenever and wherever they're trying to get stuff done. That's the cloud at its best."

More than half of all Evernote users have a Google Account, but this integration will also open the doors for Google Drive users who want more out their file storage. "Once people see how well Evernote and Google Drive work together, they'll use both products intuitively," said Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill in a statement on the new integration. "For Evernote enthusiasts, this is a natural progression. Google is organizing the world's information, and now Google Drive and Evernote are helping you do just that with your information." The beta integration is available now on the web on Chrome and Android, with other platforms to follow soon.

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