Netflix Launches Internet Speed Test

NicoleMotta - May 19, 2016 - 10:46 AM

Netflix Launches Internet Speed Test

Wonder why your show keeps buffering? Netflix has launched a new tool to check if your internet speed is to blame.

(CCM) — On Wednesday, Netflix announced the launch of a new website dedicated to helping you check your internet speed. "We all want a faster, better Internet, yet Internet speeds vary greatly and can be affected by other users on your network or congestion with your Internet service provider," explained David Fullagar, Vice President of Content Delivery Architecture at Netflix. To help users be more informed, Netflix has released The website can check your internet speeds on mobile or broadband anywhere in the world. "This consumer speed test is different than our Netflix ISP Speed Index," noted Fullagar. measures in-the-moment, personal internet speeds, while the Speed Index measures average monthly speeds of Netflix streams during prime usage hours., itself, is fairly basic and very easy to use. When you launch the site, it immediately begins to test your internet connection speed, without needing to click anything. The numbers initially appear in gray while the test is ongoing, but turn a solid black when it is complete. also offers a link to compare your speed to, which reveals download and upload speeds and pings. Neither site explains if these figures are good or bad, and if you do not remember what internet package you signed up for, these numbers may not mean much. Netflix suggests that users should check with their internet service provider to find out more about their plans or to discuss the results of the internet speed tests.

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