MacBook to Get Touch ID Support

NicoleMotta - May 20, 2016 - 12:49 PM

MacBook to Get Touch ID Support

Many have speculated that Apple will incorporate Touch ID hardware into Macs, but there may be a simpler solution.

(CCM) — According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple engineers are working on a way to unlock your MacBook with your iPhone. The details of how this would work are unclear at this time, but the report claims that the feature will use Bluetooth LE frameworks. The feature could work like the automatic unlocking feature on the Apple Watch, which allows an unlocked iPhone to bypass the Watch's passcode. If the new feature works this way, the iPhone's Touch ID button would likely be used to unlock the Mac. It is also possible that an Apple Watch could be used to unlock the Mac instead of an iPhone with this new desktop and notebook feature. This process has already been proven possible with the Knock app for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Knock is available as an iOS app and a Mac app, both of which must be installed for the process to work. The app uses a Bluetooth connection between the devices to unlock the Mac, bypassing the password. This feature may be included in the next version of OS X, 10.12.

The next OS X update, codenamed "Fuji," is expected to be announced at Apple's WWDC in June. Previous reports have suggested that Apple may be planning to rebrand OS X with this update, calling it macOS. Apple leaked this potential name change in an update to its environment webpage, though it used a capital "M" instead of a lowercase letter, like it does for all of its other operating systems. Apple is also said to be working on integrating Siri into the Mac.

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