Netflix and Amazon Face European Quotas

Netflix and Amazon Face European Quotas
The European Commission is cracking down on streaming services, demanding more European content.

(CCM) — On Wednesday, the Commission published a new proposal that will require streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, to have at least a 20 percent share of European-made content on their platforms. "Currently, European TV broadcasters invest around 20% of their revenues in original content and on-demand providers less than 1%. The Commission wants TV broadcasters to continue to dedicate at least half of viewing time to European works and will oblige on-demand providers to ensure at least 20% share of European content in their catalogues," explained the Commission. Currently, European films account for 27 percent of titles across all streaming services and 21 percent on Netflix, according to a recent study conducted for the Commission.

"Our members around the world love European programming, that’s why our investment in European programming, including Netflix original titles created in Europe, is growing," said Netflix in a statement following the proposal's release. "We appreciate the Commission's objective to have European production flourish, however the proposed measures won't actually achieve that." Netflix was not alone in its criticism of the EU proposal. James Waterworth, Vice President of European Operations for the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) said, "Cultural quotas are outdated and unnecessary — video-on-demand providers are already investing heavily into European local content." The EU proposal also mentions new rules for online video services to protect minors from harmful content and tackle hate speech. Amazon has not commented on this report.

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