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Google Unveils Free Data Studio Platform

Google Unveils Free Data Studio Platform
This week, Google announced the launch of a free version of its Data Studio 360 enterprise analytics platform.

(CCM) — Back in March of this year, Google announced the launch of its enterprise-ready data visualization and reporting platform, Data Studio 360. Now, the company has launched a free version for individuals and smaller teams. Google announced this new product, called Data Studio, at the Google Performance Summit on Tuesday. "Google Data Studio marks the birth of a new era of how organizations consume, share, and use analytics data to drive insights and create even greater business value," said Joao Correia, Google's Director of Data Insights at Blast Analytics and Marketing, in a statement on the launch. The free Data Studio platform is currently in beta and limited to the U.S., though Google plans to continue rolling it out to more regions throughout the year.

In a blog post following the announcement, the company revealed more details about the new platform, including the differences between Data Studio and Data Studio 360. According to the Data Studio team, the main difference between the two offerings is the number of reports users can create on one account. In the free version, users are limited to just five reports. Both the free and paid platforms offer unlimited report viewing, editing, and collaboration as well as the ability to connect to unlimited data sources. Data Studio mainly focuses on collecting and organizing data from Google's proprietary sources but will add support for SQL databases soon. The platform also features Google Docs technology to offer real-time edition support. Data Studio is available now for users in the U.S.

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