Uber to Start Using Foursquare Places

NicoleMotta - May 26, 2016 - 12:04 PM

Uber to Start Using Foursquare Places

Uber is getting a major location information upgrade with a new partnership with Foursquare.

(CCM) — On Wednesday, Uber and Foursquare announced that they have entered into a partnership that will allow Uber to tap Foursquare's location data. "We at Foursquare are thrilled to announce that we are now supplying Points of Interest (POI) data to Uber, everything from the names and locations of restaurants to local businesses, through a global, multi-year agreement," said Mike Harkey, Foursquare VP of Business Development, in a Medium post. For Uber users, this means you will be able to type in the name of a restaurant or business to find its address. Currently, the Uber app can find some locations by name, but it is limited. Uber users will also be able to customize and modify information around POIs to add to Foursquare's database. As part of the deal, Foursquare said that its employees will now use Uber exclusively for their business transportation across the globe.

Foursquare and Uber have already been working together for some time with the launch of an Uber button for Foursquare's apps last year. "By the way, since about a year ago, Uber has also been integrated in the Foursquare app, making it easy to call an Uber from within Foursquare once you’ve found the place you want to go," said Harkey. "It feels great to make the circle complete, with Uber integrated into Foursquare and now Foursquare venues integrated into Uber." The companies did not reveal the financial details of the deal.

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