Used iPhones Rejected by India

CCM-News - May 30, 2016 - 11:34 AM

Used iPhones Rejected by India

India has rejected the sale of Apple's refurbished iPhones in the country.

(CCM) — Apple took a potential blow from a promising market following CEO Tim Cook's visit to India. To keep up with the competitive Indian smartphone market, Apple hoped to offer refurbished iPhones in the country at a price much lower than their original retail cost. However, the country's minister of commerce and industry nixed this plan at a press release on Monday as reported by LiveMint. "We are not in favor of selling used phones," explained Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, "however certified they may be." This statement seems to have come in response to defenses by Tim Cook regarding refurbished iPhones.

During Cook's week in India, he visited with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several telecommunications executives. Cook defended the quality of his company's refurbished products. "In virtually all countries in the world we have a process by which a phone that’s been used by the first owner is taken back and made to be new," explained Cook in an interview with NDTV 24X7, "and a warranty is placed on that, just like a warranty for a new phone. And it’s sold for a more affordable price." While Apple currently sells iPhones in the country through third parties, the company is seeking to launch its own stores in the country. There are conditions to this, however, which include that Apple must source 30 percent of its goods locally. Apple may be seeking an exemption from this condition. However, there has not yet been word on a decision regarding the exemption.

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