Intel Unveils 10-Core Processor for VR

NicoleMotta - May 31, 2016 - 12:07 PM

Intel Unveils 10-Core Processor for VR

Intel has announced its next-generation Broadwell-E chip family, including a massive 10-core desktop processor.

(CCM) — At the Computex trade show in Taipei on Monday, Intel announced the launch of its new Core i7 Extreme Edition processor which it claims will "transform the way people play, work and create." This processor is a first-of-its-kind 10-core chip (with two threads per core) for home users. (Intel already has a 10-core chip, but those are for professional use.) This new processor is designed for "mega-takers" which Intel defines as gamers, virtual reality fans, content creators, and overclockers. The 10-core Core i7-6950X features 4-channel memory support, a 25-megabyte Smart Cache, hyper-threading, and Intel's Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology, which redirects applications to the highest-performing core. The processor is also fully unlocked, which is good news for overclockers. The Intel Core i7-6950X is priced at $1,723.

While Intel's new 10-core processor stole the show, it was not the only processor announced. Alongside the exciting new 10-core chip, Intel unveiled three other Core i7 processors: the Core i7-6900K, 6850K, and 6800K. These chips have fewer cores — 8, 6, and 6, respectively — and are cheaper than their 10-core sibling. The 8-core, or octa-core, Core i7-6900K is just shy of $700 cheaper than the 10-core chip at $1,089, while the 6-core 6850K and 6800K are priced at $617 and $434, respectively. Intel said that these new processors will be available for purchase from online retailers worldwide this week. In addition to releasing the new chips, Intel announced the Extreme Rig Challenge, which starts the 1st of June.

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