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Facebook Unveils 'Near-Human' AI

Facebook Unveils 'Near-Human' AI
Facebook has introduced an advanced AI with the ability to mimic human language even more closely than before.

CCM — On Wednesday, Facebook introduce DeepText, an artificially intelligent program that aims to improve on previous AI models. Normally, the issue that users find with such programs is that even intelligent machines have difficulty deciphering the nuances of language that come easily to humans. Facebook's DeepText seeks to remedy this and possesses the ability to naturally understand textual content within more than 20 languages. Facebook explained how the technology works in a blog post, stating, "Using deep learning, we can reduce the reliance on language-dependent knowledge, as the system can learn from text with no or little preprocessing. This helps us span multiple languages quickly, with minimal engineering effort."

Facebook has made similar efforts to increase the support of bots in its programming. Earlier this month, the social networking site announced a partnership with Skyscanner and the inclusion of a travel bot in Messenger. The companies' goal is to amp up enthusiasm for travel by "allow[ing] more people to search for their travel in a fun and informative way."

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