Samsung Wearables Target Fitness Lovers

owilson - June 3, 2016 - 02:02 PM

Samsung Wearables Target Fitness Lovers

Samsung's new Gear Fit 2 and Gear Icon X wearables were designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind.

(CCM) — This week, Samsung unveiled two new items — the Gear Fit 2 fitness band and Gear Icon X wireless headphones. Both devices are equipped with workout-tracking technology as well as the ability to control music and incoming notifications, such as calls, emails, messages, and calendar events. The fitness band also includes GPS and heart rate monitors that help the device determine which activity the wearer is doing and how much energy the wearer exerts during performance. The Gear Fit 2 is designed to connect seamlessly with Samsung's S Health app, but it is also compatible with various off-brand fitness applications. The Gear Fit 2 will be available June 10th for $179.

The Gear Icon X wireless headphones are evidence of Samsung's efforts to expand on the possibilities offered by smart technology, offering many of the same features found in the Gear Fit 2 band in the Gear Icon X headphones. The earbuds each contain a 47mAh battery and, together, 4 GB of storage, making listening to music on the go even easier. The Gear Icon X is only compatible with Android handsets and, unlike with the Gear Fit 2, the Gear Icon X headphones may only sync to Samsung's S Health app. The headphones come with a carry case that can recharge each earbud twice. Samsung has not disclosed how much they will cost or when they will be available for purchase.

Photo: © Samsung.
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