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Snapchat Redesign Lets Users Subscribe

Snapchat Redesign Lets Users Subscribe
Snapchat redesigned its Stories and Discover pages in order to drive traffic to its advertisers' accounts.

(CCM) — On Tuesday, Snapchat updated its mobile app and among the changes made was a redesign of its Stories and Discover pages to bring more attention to the app's publishers. The Discover page now includes space for each of Snapchat's 19 publishers to advertise their biggest daily headlines and to illustrate the headlines with an image. Users now have the option to subscribe to publisher accounts, which will allow them to more easily access the publishers' Stories. The Stories page, which was previously reserved for updates from friends followed by a user, will now include updates from any accounts that a user has subscribed to. This overhaul was made in the hopes of increasing ad revenue for both the publishers and for Snapchat, who splits the revenue with its publishers by increasing views of the publishers' sponsored content in their Stories.

Snapchat's new format, coupled with paid-for photo and video filters, are currently the app's core source of income. In February, Snapchat announced the rolling out of its On-Demand Geofilters service, which allows individuals to purchase a temporary geofilter for their event. Unlike Snapchat's official geofilters, this service requires that users pay a minimum of $5 to design a geofilter for the location of their party; pricing is dependent upon for how large an area and for how long a time period the user wishes for the geofilter to be available.

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