Siri Summons Ambulance to Save Baby

Siri Summons Ambulance to Save Baby
Apple's Siri called emergency services when a baby in Australia stopped breathing.

(CCM) — An Australian mother is crediting the Siri voice activation feature on her Apple iPhone for helping to save the life of her one-year-old daughter, Giana.

Stacey Gleeson noticed that Giana had turned blue when she checked her baby monitor and discovered that she had stopped breathing. As she checked Giana's airways, Mrs. Gleeson spotted her iPhone on the floor where she had dropped it as she came to her baby's aid. Mrs. Gleeson told 7 News Australia that she recalls shouting, "Hey Siri, call an ambulance" to the device in the hope that the voice activation would work. "Before I knew it, the ambulance was on its way, and Giana was breathing again," she said. "That might have given the precious moments that Stacey needed to revive Giana," Nick Gleeson, the baby's father, added.

Siri was introduced in 2011 on Apple's iPhone 4S, but only on more recent models —like the iPhone 6S used by Mrs. Gleeson— can Siri respond to voice commands without being plugged in to a power source. The incident happened in Cairns in March, but the story went viral after Mrs. Gleeson contacted Apple to thank the company.

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