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LG Launches Mosquito Repellent TV Series

LG Launches Mosquito Repellent TV Series
LG launched a series of mosquito repellent televisions in India using its "Mosquito Away" technology.

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(CCM) — South Korean electronic company LG has come out with a new line of televisions that repel mosquitoes using ultrasound waves; the company has coined this technology "Mosquito Away". In addition to protecting customers from potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes, LG has also assured its customers that the TVs do not emit any kind of harmful materials. The company claimed that it is able to guarantee this because, unlike other toxic repellents, their "Mosquito Away" technology is not dependent upon dangerous toxins. The televisions' chemical-free technology also ensures that users will not have to worry about maintaining or refilling any chemical reservoirs.

The mosquito repelling TV is the first device of its kind that aims to address a larger hygienic issue. In 2015, India's capital, New Delhi, had over 10,500 cases of dengue — a viral disease that is transmitted via bites from mosquitoes. And according to the World Malaria Report in 2014, only 11% of the entire Indian population lives in malaria-free zones, exposing a large majority of the nation's overall population to this possibly fatal disease. LG's Electronic Director of Home Entertainment, Howard Lee, said, “The new Mosquito Away technology in television is an extension of [our] philosophy, transiting beyond [the] viewing experience and truly building a healthy environment at home.” LG's new TVs are available in two screen size options: the 32-inch screen option is priced at $400, while the 43-inch is available at $710.

Photo: © LG.
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