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Pebble Releases Smartwatch Happiness App

Pebble Releases Smartwatch Happiness App
Happiness App promises insights into how different environments and events affect smartwatch users' moods.

(CCM) — Pebble has released its Happiness App, which promises to help users understand how habits and regular events throughout the day can affect mood, energy, and well-being. The app is a result of collaborative work with Stanford University. The Happiness App alerts users every hour (during waking time only) and asks them to rate their energy level and mood. It also queries them for details about food and drink intake, exercise, commuting, meditation, meetings, socializing, and work carried out in the last hour. At the end of the week, users are emailed a report of the app's findings.

At the same time, Pebble has also made public two of its fitness tracking algorithms: one for motion detection and the other for step counting. Rival wearable fitness tracking companies, such as Fitbit, do not release their algorithms, but Pebble hopes that the move will encourage the emergence of a standard set of fitness tracking algorithms that can be used by app developers and healthcare researchers. By making its algorithms public, the company also expects that outside experts will recommend improvements to make them more accurate.

Photo: © Pebble.
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