Hacker Selling Millions of Twitter IDs

Hacker Selling Millions of Twitter IDs
A hacker has put millions of stolen Twitter logins up for sale online.

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(CCM) — A hacker operating under the pseudonym Tessa88 has reportedly made over 32 million stolen Twitter logins available online. According to a report by the BBC the hacker is asking for 10 bitcoins (roughly $5,770) in exchange for a copy of the hefty list. It has not yet been confirmed from where the hacker extracted this information or if it is even legitimate, though some reports suggest that the list is the result of data-stealing malware. Both Twitter and a blog called Leaked Source, which tracks stolen data, have made statements denying the possibility of a hack of Twitter's database. Twitter also ensured its users that it would be "working to help keep accounts protected by checking our data against what's been shared from recent other password leaks."

This isn't this year's only large-scale hack to affect online users. In May, over 270 million email credentials were seized by hackers. Unlike the hackers who stole the Twitter logins, the email hackers did not appear to have done it for financial gain — they were prepared to sell it all for under $1.

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