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Lenovo Announces Augmented Reality Phone

Lenovo Announces Augmented Reality Phone
Lenovo is planning a handset that understands its surroundings and adds graphics to its display.

(CCM) — Chinese technology company Lenovo has announced the Phab2 Pro, the first smartphone to use Google's augmented reality technology, Tango. Tango combines software with depth sensing and motion tracking sensors attached to the front- and rear-facing cameras to help make sense of the phone's immediate surroundings. Once it "understands" its environment, it can place virtual objects and information into the real world as displayed on the Phab2 Pro's 6.4-inch screen. Using Tango, it will be possible to visualize how new furniture would look in a home, measure objects, or play with a virtual pet that appears to be in the room, the company says.

Lenovo has also announced the Moto Z, a smaller smartphone that can be customized by adding Moto Mods: modules such as a loud speaker, a movie projector or an extra battery pack that snap on to the back of the phone using magnets. The company says that other modules from third party vendors are under development. Google is known to be working on a modular phone called Ara, and South Korean handset maker LG already offers the G5 modular phone.

Photo: © Lenovo.
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