India Rejects Google’s Street View

India Rejects Google’s Street View
The Indian government has rejected the integration of Google’s Street View in its country.

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(CCM) — India's Ministry of Home Affairs has officially rejected Google's plan to expand its Street View service in the South Asian country. Street View provides 360-degree, panoramic images of any spot, making it possible to virtually explore the location. Google had been planning to include Street View shots of top tourist destinations and main cities in India, but security agencies and defense intelligence services responded negatively to the initiative. According to NDTV, a detailed report by the security forces warned that allowing the 360-degree view of any high-profile tourist hub would compromise the country's security and the safety of Indian people. For example, image-capturing services were blamed for having reportedly helped the terrorists who attacked Mumbai — India's economic capital — in 2008.

According to a Tech2 report, the Street View ban is temporary, and the government is likely to reconsider it after the proposed 2016 Geospatial Information Regulation Bill gets a final nod of approval in India's Parliament. Google Street View has already covered all of the major destinations in many European nations, the United States, and Canada. By comparison, it has, so far, only explored a few Indian sites: the Taj Mahal, New Delhi's Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, Nalanda University, the river banks of the Varanasi, Mysore Palace, and the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Chennai.

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